Intelligent, Efficient and Tough

Using innovative high- and low-angle video cameras, LowCam Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) generate a real-time side-to-side view and unique depth of field that expensive “scanning“ systems can’t duplicate. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change angles, pause, rewind, replay and compare footage, all from a safe standoff position and without slowing traffic.

Bollards & barriers

We have the security products and expertise to assist you with your entire security project.

From anti-ram fencing and sliding cantilever gates, to retractable bollards and active vehicle barriers,IFSS has the products required to get the job done right.

Fire Protection for People and Property
Kidde Fire Systems is a global leader in fire protection, including fire detection, fire suppression and fire control products.​
Access control by Honeywell Integrated/ Tyco 

Honeywell Access Control products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions in a wide range of applications.

Intrusion system by Honeywell Integrated/ Tyco
Whether you are a small business or the largest commercial enterprise, or a home owner Honeywell has the right security solution for you, your business and your family.
CCTV system by Acti

ACTi Unified Solutions Simple Reliable and Scalable

Proximex By Tyco
Proximex develops Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions for companies and environments of all sizes
Prowatch by Honeywell Integrated 
Expand your system without changing your user inter​face.
CCURE by Tyco
CCure IT provides you with a secure online experience that enables you to do your activities online with the freedom you have always wanted. We provide you security in your online ventures