We turn buildings into smarter working and living spaces through Integration of the best-in-class Automation, Life Safety and Security Solutions.

Access Control

Your first line of defense

Access control systems that go well beyond security.

  • Visitor Management System
  • Key Management Systems
  • Biometrics and Cards Access
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Intrusion Detection

Keep intruders away

Protect your business against intrusion

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Panic Alarm
  • Burglar Proof
  • Under Vehicle Inspection
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Video Management

Watch over your business

Keep a close watch on the who’s and what’s of the business.

  • IP Cameras
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Management
  • Cloud Surveillance
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Audio Visual

Bespoke professional systems

Simplified meeting rooms, communications, command and control solutions.

  • Public Address/Background Music
  • Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms
  • Command & Control Centres
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Fire and Life Safety

Protect what matters most

Safeguard your people and property with our advanced fire and life safety solutions.

  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Voice Evacuation
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Control and monitor building sub-systems

Intelligent buildings that deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.

  • Building Management (Electricals, Plumbing, HVAC, Security, Fire, Mechanical)
  • Lighting Control
  • Smart Homes
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Areas of Focus

Automation - Life Safety - Security