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Intelligent Video Analytics for Retailers

The benefits of Video Analytics go far beyond the traditional domain of security and safety. By analysing patterns of in-store video data and interpreting them into meaningful metrics, retailers can gain insightful business intelligence into their business operations—and use this towards effective decision-making.

With the world-leading video analytics brands powering our solutions, we help retailers analyze data that matters.

Many retailers already have video surveillance cameras in place to monitor and protect their businesses. To complement those security cameras, IFSS Group provides tools that harness video data recorded and use deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to generate meaningful insights. With an insightful understanding of their customers’ in-store behaviours, retailers can serve them efficiently, which in turn helps maximize store revenue and profitability.

Optimize Your Store Layout

Through video analytics, we can help you gain a better insight into how shoppers navigate your store. Uncovering the most optimal layouts for pedestrian traffic flow and the best performing product placements or adverts empowers you to arrange your store based on consumer behaviour and sales objectives.

Uncover Customer Demographics

Instead of speculating about customer demographics, video analytics can help retailers uncover who they are attracting and better target their customers. We can help you gather information such as the gender and age of your in-store shoppers. With this data, you can ensure your store offers items of interest for each demographic; identify unengaged demographics and develop strategies to improve engagement.

Control Occupancy and Crowding

Crowds, especially long queues are detrimental to the customer experience and sometimes compromise safety. By leveraging on video analytics, retailers can understand in-store traffic patterns and peaks, when and where crowding happens and get an idea into what is causing them. Detecting traffic early and responding in real-time keeps customers engaged and moving through their path to checkout.

Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance

Occupancy statistics can also be used to optimally schedule cleaning based on facility usage. For large retailers with hundreds and thousands of visitors each day, maintenance and cleaning are critical functions. Rather than follow the traditional cleaning schedule, video analytics can be used to efficiently deploy cleaners in real-time.

Using people-counting, managers can understand when a threshold for people using a restroom or store are has been surpassed and assign maintenance staff to clean the high-trafficked areas. Overtime traffic data can be generated and analyzed to provide visibility into traffic trends and develop maintenance schedules accordingly.

No matter the industry they are in—supermarkets or speciality stores in clothing, grocery and electronics— all retailers stand to gain a competitive advantage by having better operational practices. Do you have a retail store? Engage with us today for more information on how insights from video analytics can help you deliver value to your customers.