We make Buildings Smarter, Safer and Suistanable

Our Building Automation and Management Systems (BAS/BMS) provide a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency. This helps to reduce costs associated with energy and utility usage, meet environmental regulations, and improve on occupant safety and comfort.

By extending automated control to HVAC, lighting, security, fire safety, utilities and every other building sub-system, we provide a single point of control for the entire building. Continuous data collection and real-time reporting ensure alerts and notifications are sent as soon as faults or changes have been detected on any part of the Building.

How Our BMS Can Benefit Your Building: 5 Key Features
The BMS maximizes energy and utility efficiency by basing usage on building occupancy and demand, leading to significant cost savings.
The BMS has an inbuilt Fault Detection and Diagnostics tool that anticipates, provides insights and automatically responds to system conditions.
Intuitive data reports provide insight into how your building is operating, enabling you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and optimization.
Our BMS helps you showcase your building’s sustainability measures, engaging occupants in your health, safety, and conservation efforts.
Our user-friendly BMS interface allows you to remotely access your building’s systems, putting the power of control in your hands no matter where you are.
Recent Project

An Intelligent Building Automation at Britam Tower, one of East and Central Africa’s Tallest Buildings.

Gain Better Control of Your Building

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Control All Your Electrical Systems

From generators to lighting, our BAS/BMS extends automated control to all electrical systems such as transformers, voltage stabilizers (AVRs), switchboards, UPS, elevators, etc.
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Control All Your Plumbing Systems

Our BAS/BMS also provides complete control of plumbing systems including pumps, water tanks, water treatment, water meters, and more.
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Control Your HVAC Systems

Our BAS/BMS provides automated control to all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems including fans, AC units, dampers (MFSD), and more.

Life Safety

Control Your Fire and Life Safety Systems

Our BAS/BMS ensures complete control of fire detection, fire suppression, alarms, and voice evacuation systems, providing a safe environment for occupants.


Control Your Security Systems

Our BAS/BMS includes complete control of security systems such as access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and more, providing enhanced security measures.
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Control Your Elevators and Escalators

Monitor and control building elevators and escalators with our BAS/BMS to ensure the efficient and safe operation of these important subsystems.

Seamless Integration

By combining multiple systems under one centralized control interface, our BMS enhances visibility and more precise building management. Greater information flow between all building assets leads to more opportunities for automation.
Example: Screen capture (WebCtrl) detailed cut away of a custom air handling unit including live values for a commercial building

Open Standards

We Support Open Communication Protocols for Greater Connectivity

With wide-ranging support for major communication protocols, our Building Management Systems unlock new possibilities for the way you control and optimize your building. BACnet, among other open communication protocols, is implemented by default to ensure interoperability with other building systems.

Our Partner

Together with Automated Logic, we deliver Intuitive and Intelligent Data-Driven Automation Tools to clients across Africa

Automated Logic—a global leader in building automation—designs and develops intuitive, intelligent, complete controls and interfaces to help drive smart decisions that optimize building performance. Automated Logic is IFSS Group’s preferred partner of choice in offering smart building automation solutions.

Featured Project

We have designed and commissioned an Intelligent Building Automation at Britam Tower, one of East and Central Africa’s Tallest Buildings.

WebCTRL® Building Automation, our intelligent data-driven automated system is at the heart of the building’s efforts to reduce energy costs, save on utilities and attain operational efficiency.

By monitoring, controlling and reporting on the tower’s electricals, plumbing, elevators, HVAC and fire safety systems, the Automation system provides the facility management with the ability to fully understand the building operational performance, thus assisting in; attaining targeted energy efficiency, cost savings, reduced building management manpower, and maintaining an optimal comfortable environment for building occupants.

Talk to the Automation Experts

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With our BMS and Automation solutions, you can take back control of your building and save on energy and utility usage, increase your team’s performance while enhancing occupant comfort and safety.