Safeguard Your People and Assets

We provide industrial-class fire detection and alarm systems that are tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Whether addressable or conventional, our fire detection and alarm systems are designed to provide the earliest possible warning of an emergency fire situation, allowing you to manage an orderly evacuation and mitigate potential damage. Not only are they fully featured, but also, highly integrative with fire suppression, security systems, building management systems and third-party systems through open protocols.

We work with the world leaders in Life and Safety solutions to ensure that whatever matters the most to you is fully protected from fire and related hazards.
Recent Project
Fire suppression system for PAIX NBO1, a world-class carrier-neutral data centre right in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya.

Fire Detection and Alarm

Addressable – Conventional

IFSS Group as a market-leading track record in delivering optimal safety through industrial-class fire detection and alarm systems. No matter the type of building, application or market, we have a solution for you.

Whether addressable or conventional, our fire detection and alarm systems are designed to provide the earliest possible warning of an emergency fire situation, allowing you to manage an orderly evacuation and mitigate potential damage.

Automated Fire Suppression

Clean Agents – Form – Water Mist

Our application-specific automated fire suppression systems quickly neutralize fire events before they escalate. They use a combination of preventative equipment and environment-friendly agents to prevent or stop fire occurrences from breaking out or re-igniting.

Our expertise extends across a full spectrum of fire suppression systems, including FM200, CO2, Foam, and Novec 1230, for commercial or industrial facilities, energy plants, and restaurant kitchens.

Liquid Leak Detection

Water – Acid – Oil

With IFSS Group’s advanced leak detection systems, safeguard  mission-critical infrastructure like data centers, communication hubs, power plants, research centers, and healthcare facilities. Our premium liquid detection systems, powered by TTK, provide unrivaled accuracy and reliability, ensuring early detection and prevention of water, oil and acid leaks.

With a wide range of sensor options available, including leak detection cable type sensors, we can tailor the system to meet your specific requirements. Ensure the safety and security of your facilities with our state-of-the-art leak detection solutions. Contact us now to explore the possibilities.

Emergency Voice Evacuation

Sounds That Lead to Safety

As part of our integrated Life Safety solutions, we provide Emergency Voice Evacuation (EVAC) and Voice Alarm (VA) systems that aid in providing organized and systematic evacuation during emergencies.

By use of calm human voice and easy to follow procedural instructions, our EVAC systems are designed to not evoke confusion, becoming the sounds that lead to safety.

Comply with Fire and Safety Regulations

Does your organization comply with Fire Safety regulations and standards? A reliable and effective fire protection system doesn’t just offer safety and peace of mind, it is also a legal requirement and a responsibility that falls on you, as a building owner and as an employer.

With a vast range of solutions, and an experienced and certified team of system designers and engineers, IFSS Group ensures you are always protected and fully compliant with all fire safety regulations—not only with local regulations applicable to your region but also with International Fire Safety Standards and Certifications such NFPA, UL, FM, BS and EN.

Fully Compliant With International Codes and Open Standards

Integration with Core Systems

Integrating Fire and Life Safety systems with other key systems increases the safety of building occupants and helps control the spread of fire and its effects.

We integrate Fire Detection and Alarm systems with Automated Suppression systems, Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems, Building Management Systems, Access Control, Elevators, and other Security systems. When integrated with key building systems, Fire and Life Systems can monitor and deploy automated suppression systems, control fire and smoke dampers, recall elevators, alert access control to unlock all doors, among others.

Life Safety Partners

Johnson Controls and Tyco

We have partnered with Johnson Controls Inc (JCI), formerly Tyco Fire Protection and a world leader in Fire & Life Safety and Security solutions. JCI’s unmatched range of fire detection and alarm solutions incorporate the next generation of control panels, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors. When it comes to suppression, JCI leads the way with world-class products that include suppression agents, special hazards systems, control panels, and related components and fittings.

Some of our JCI and Tyco brands

Honeywell Fire Protection

NOTIFIER by Honeywell

Notifier by Honeywell places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing visibility to drive timely and accurate decision-making during fire emergencies.

Products – ONYX Control Panels, VESDA and Xtralis Smoke Detectors, Flame and Gas Detectors, Annunciators, Notification and Communications Appliances, among others.

NOTIFIER Voice Alarm

NOTIFIER Digital Voice Commands (DVC) and Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) NOTIFIER Audio solutions simplify emergency communications and bulk evacuations for all kinds of facilities.

Products – Digital Voice Command, FirstCommand, Giant Outdoor Voice, and Long Range Speakers

TOA Electronics

TOA is a specialist manufacturer of sound equipment for commercial and professional use as well as security and network communication systems. TOA’s extensive range of All-in-One Voice Evacuation systems, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, microphones, digital processors and network audio products are built to deliver the best-in-class audio applications.

Products – TOA VX-3000, VM-3000, VX-2000, SX-2000, VM-2000 and FS-7000

Talk to the Fire Safety Experts

IFSS Group has been a Fire and Life Safety expert for more than a decade, providing integrated Fire Protection systems across the African continent.

With our years of experience, a team of highly qualified professionals and world-renowned products, we can provide insight on the most appropriate Fire Safety system for your space, as well as an option to integrate your system with your existing security system—giving you confidence when it comes to the safety of your personnel and property.