Safeguard your people and property with our advanced fire and life safety solutions.

Fire Detection

Intelligent Addressable - Conventional - Gas Monitoring

Tailored for all kinds of facilities, and integratable with automated fire suppression systems where needed.

At IFSS Group, we are leaders in the Fire and Life Safety industry, specializing in a broad range of fire detection systems, tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Our automated addressable and conventional fire detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of an emergency fire situation, which in turn helps in the safe and quick evacuation of occupants from the premises.

Fire Suppression

FM200 - CO2 - Foam - Novec
A full range of application-specific, automated fire suppression systems that go right to the heart of the fire, quickly neutralising fire events before they escalate.

Our fire suppression systems use a combination of preventative equipment and environment-friendly agents to prevent or stop fire occurrences from breaking out or re-igniting.

Whether the requirement is for commercial or industrial facilities, energy plants or restaurant kitchen, our expertise extends across the complete spectrum of fire suppression systems including; FM200, CO2, Foam, and Novec.

Voice Evacuation

Voice Alarm - Pre-recorded - Live Instructions

Use speakers and amplifiers to notify occupants with an alarm tone, and voice instructions.

Voice evacuations are getting increasingly important in times of emergencies. It has been long established that people respond more quickly and are more likely to take the correct action if voice messages are used instead of sounders.

Our voice alarms are integrated with fire detection systems to help speed up emergency response time. Clear voice evacuation messages are initiated from the system to advise occupants on the safest emergency routes. The voice alarms can also be used to distribute background music and paging notifications, providing a complete multi-functional purpose.