IFSS Group is proud and honoured to have designed and commissioned a Building Automation System for one of East and Central Africa's tallest and Africa's third tallest building, Britam Tower.

Britam tower is a 31-storey award-winning office complex located at the heart of Upper Hill, Nairobi’s financial district, boasting a very unique prismatic design and a 200-meter-high structure that commands Nairobi’s skyline.

Our WebCTRL® Building Automation, an intelligent data-driven automated system from Automated Logic is at the heart of the building’s efforts to reduce costs through energy efficiency and utility savings.

Why was it important for the Britam Tower to adapt a BMS?

Britam needed an automation tool that would not only be able to monitor the tower’s energy and utility consumption but also offer measures to aid in delivering optimal energy and operational efficiency. Leading to cost savings, reduced carbon footprints, while improving on the safety and comfort of occupants.

IFSS Group was brought onboard and tasked with designing and deploying an automation system for the tower. With our years of experience and expertise in building automation, we were able to design and propose an intelligent BMS for monitoring and easy-precise control of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, elevators, and life safety systems.

Image Credits: Britam Holding PLC, Petersize10 Photography

The intelligent automation at Britam Tower

Powered by Automated Logic.
In a nutshell, the intelligent data-driven WebCTRL Building Management System at Britam Tower gives the facility management the ability to fully understand the building operational performance, thus assisting in attaining targeted energy efficiency and saving costs on utility usage and reduced building management manpower, while at the same time maintaining an optimal comfortable environment for building occupants.

The Core Benefits of IFSS Automation to Britam Tower

Direct and Indirect Benefits
Energy Efficiency

Upto 39% savings on energy in comparison to a typical office building.

Utility Savings

Upto 50% savings on water in comparison to a typical office building.

Monitoring & Control

Monitoring and controlling electrical, plumbing, HVAC, elevators, fire alarm, aircraft warning lights, and fire/smoke dampers from a single point.

Word-class Support

An extensive support team from IFSS Group to deal with all the technicalities of building automation, taking off the workload of maintaining the system from Britam Tower.

Understanding the Tower with Ease

Collection of energy management and utility usage data and real-time analysis, reports and alerts based on occupational rates, usage history and trends.

Britam Tower became the first building in Kenya to receive EDGE Certification.

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a World Bank Group-backed, internationally-recognized sustainability scheme awarded to buildings that demonstrate a high level of resource efficiency in their buildings.
Image Credits: Britam Holding PLC / Petersize10 Photography

What's Next?

What's next?
For a modern 21-century building like Britam Tower , automation is a necessity in its efforts to attain operational efficiency. But it doesn’t stop there. With the world drastically changing, the demands of the tower are changing as well. Our WebCTRL Automation System at the tower will continually adapt the way the building works—with flexibility and scalability continually satisfying the needs of the tower.

We are proud and honored to be part of this project and look forward to years of great relationship with Britam Tower.

Thank-you Britam for putting trust in us.